Can Spider and Varicose Veins Return Even After Treatment?

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So varicose vein, viens deficiency in general or non working veins are a chronic problem and the way they develop is largely a genetic predisposition. These veins tend to come back but it's like a snowball phenomenon once you have a significant amount of veins backing up in your leg, you usually have an accelerated course of developing more cosmetic problems.

Once you return your medical problem to where you were as a child or a young adult things develop in general much, much slower so the long story short is they do develop in the future but they develop at a very, very slow rate after successful treatment. So vein disease is really quite a simple concept it's like plumbing.

Veins will recur in an area that was treated before only if they were inadequately treated prior. If you are treated fully and completely, they're very unlikely to ever return at the same place. They can pop up in other areas but these are usually unrelated to a primary problem that you already had, should treatment have been fully effective in the past.