How Can I Help Reduce Joint Pain?

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Well anytime you injure a joint if it's your knee or your ankle it hurts enough and it's bad enough, but then there's the associated swelling that accompanies it and that makes the joint feel really tight and increases the discomfort. So one therapy is a really old fashion one and it's called a poultice.

You make it by combining baking soda and cloth so you get the pressure on there which helps with the swelling, and also the baking soda which will pull away some of the fluid. So take baking soda and mix in enough water to make a paste, about the consistency of bread dough when it's raw, then scoop that into a cloth, it can be a cheese cloth, a T shirt whatever you have will work, tie it up in a little knot and put it right where you're having the pain.

You can then kind of wrap around it with an ace bandage or something so it stays in place, keep it on for about an hour do that for a few days in a row, and you're going to start to see some benefits there.