Beware of Drinking and Holiday Heart Syndrome

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Hi, I'm Dr. Darria Long Gillespie. If you have a heart condition and are planning a vacation listen up. Keep an eye on your cocktail. Many of us indulge a bit when we are holiday, but drinking too much alcohol at one time can lead to an irregular heartbeat and even atrial fibrillation. That's because heavy drinking, five drinks per man or four drinks per woman in two hours interrupts your heart's electrical impulses and can throw off your heartbeat.

Some experts call this Holiday Heart Syndrome. It's smart to keep your alcohol consumption moderate all the time, that's no more than two drinks a day for the men and one drink for the ladies. Long term heavy alcohol drinking can actually lead to cardiomyopathy,condition in which your heart muscles actually changes and becomes weaker plus cardiomyopathy is another risk factor for H fibrillation.

I'm Dr. Darria for more ways to watch your health check out all our smart tips.