What's a Practical Way to Avoid Emotional Eating?

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So the best practical way to avoid emotional eating is to remove yourself from situation, chances are you come home from work and you're exhausted and you eating because you're bored or you're tired you need refuel, but not because you're hungry necessarily so you wander to the kitchen and you drop your bag on the floor then you go you're milling around in your fridge and in your pantry looking for something good to eat, that is not the way to do it.

Go outside take a walk, decompress, go have a shower, go read a book or watch a movie, go do something that breaks the mindset and keeps you out of the kitchen. And as I think you remember is a lot of the time we associate the sensation of hunger with being hungry, but a lot of times it's actually thirst.

It's actually dehydration. So before you eat anything, always have a big glass of water and see if that satisfies you and then if you really feel like you still need something to eat even after you've distracted yourself and taken yourself out of the kitchen, and after you've had your big glass of water, choose a healthy snack if you can.

Something like cut out fruits and veggies or popcorn or hard boiled eggs or something like that and if that doesn't work, then treat yourself to a small bite of whatever it is that you're craving but don't go overboard because chances are if you're trying treat an emotional problem with a physical food it's not going to work.

So deal with the emotional root, write in a journal get friends to support you, do something athletic, get outside in the world, find something to give that void in your life something to fill it with and just have fun with it.