What Foods Should I Eat When I Have a Hangover?

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So you want to know the best foods to cure a hangover. Hair of the Dog I'm told has worked. You obviously, one of the things that make you feel like death when you wake up and have had a big night of drinking is you're dehydrated. So you really want to refill with liquids that are going to help replenish lost nutrients in your blood loss, blood sugar lost, sort of energy.

So you're talking things with eletrolytes. That's things like coconut water, certainly energy drinks although a lot of times they come hand in hand with artificial sweeteners or colorings they're things that you don't necessarily want. So better to make your own. This is going to sound weird but if you put a little bit of mineral salt so we're talking like a sea salt something that has been condensed from sea water so it still has all the minerals intact.

In your water stir that in and drink that, it really helps boost the electrolyte which is just salt, another word for salt, electrolyte content in your blood. Drinking lots of water period is going to help you stay hydrated which is important and then from an eating perspective, a lot of people turn to yes, that greasy egg and bacon sandwich first thing in the morning.

That's all you can eat, that only helps if you're eating greasy food while you are drinking. It lines your stomach, supposedly helps prevents your body from absorbing alcohol the same way so you don't get quite a bad hangover. But I find for the morning after when the damage is already done, I like my hangover perfe and it's Greek yogurt, honey, walnuts and bananas which is a winning combination of tonnes of minerals and nutrients that you want to replenish your blood sugar levels and really get your blood moving the right way.

Again it's going to help open up your capillaries and your brain, so you can get rid of that headache that no one likes to enjoy, and then certainly it's going to fill you up which is also neat because sometimes you just want eat something quickly and lie back down so that is where I would start my day.