What Are Some Healthy Indulgences?

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Having lost 30 pounds and wanting to keep it up, I've had to think of some healthy indulgences because I definitely get cravings like anybody else. One of the big things that I do is, I will have a little bit of whatever it is that I'm feeding after because chances are if I know myself I'll spend an hour avoiding the chocolate bar eating every thing else in my kitchen.

Probably eat three times as many calories as one bite of the chocolate bar would ever have cost me, and in the end I wanted the chocolate bar anyway. So I cut myself a half of, I have may be a bite of it, of the chocolate cake or whatever it is that I'm craving or I go totally the opposite side of the spectrum and have like a pickle of something like, totally changes the way you're brain is sort of tasting things and wanting things because it would just completely change the palette in your mouth.

So another healthy thing that I keep on hand, a healthy snacks. I think that's the mealtime that really throws you off for a loop because they need convenience through, they need things that travel well that they can store, that they can have on hand especially cuz we often choose to snack when we're already hungry.

That's when your willpower is at its lowest. So keeping healthy snacks on hand is hugely important, and I'm talking things like almonds [xx] hazelnuts, that's if you have them. Some dried fruit if you're really craving a sweet thing. Crunchy things, I love popcorns, I eat popcorn all the time, it's a whole grain, a whole cup of popped popcorns only 30 calories add some oil to that and some salt and pepper, some spices, things like that.

It's a great snack that will really satisfy your craving for chips and things of that nature, and then of course, thinking of your fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh cut up carrots and celery and fruits, if you keep things, pre cut and convenient this in little bagies or in little cups in your fridge, so that's it's easy for you to grab and go, that's where you're really going to set yourself up for success.