What Are the Most Important Food Related Issues?

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Something that I'm really passionate about, are food politic in America. Its something that I think is going to be the mission of our genaration to make sure that we are taking care of the future generation, but not only having the food source that stable but one that makes health the easy choice.

I think right now its too hard for all us to make health, make healthy decisions on a regular basis, because sometimes its not convenience, sometime its expensive, sometime it just doesn't make sense based where we live. My goal is that in the next 50 years, we will find away to provide healthy food for everyone.

Make it accessible, make it affordable, make it convenient, but also we as consumers as educated consumers have a role to play in that. That is we are going to demand, the producer supply food, that going to respect, that we are going to know the origin of, we're going to know how it was grown and who grew it, because all the information is such that should have factor into our choice.

We should have that information at our fingertips if we need it, and my hope is that it's going to be consumer like you and me who go out there and vote everyday with our wallet and make the possibility of healthy food for everyone a reality.