Which Herbs Help Reduce Pain and Inflammation?

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Well there are a lot of herbs in the Chinese medicine formulary that can help to reduce pain and inflammation. Typically when it comes to herbal medicine there is a formula or a combination of formulas and each of the herbs in the formulas are in different combinations and concentrations.

Two of the most popular herbs that are used in a lot what's called hit medicines or medicines for trauma topical herbs are frankincense and myrrh. Myrrh is one of those old ancient traditional herbs that have been used since biblical times and [xx] said gram for gram they were more expensive than gold they were considered mythical, magical back in the days, they did so much in relieving pains, to reducing infections, to stopping blood from flowing in the wrong place, but also increasing good blood flow, so it did a lot of great things.

Back in the old days what they would do, they would take a lot of herbs, they would mash them up they would put some kind oil based stuff and on to it you would have this thick paste and you'd slap it on to a piece of gauze and on to your skin and then you'd wrap it up they would be kind of messy.

But in modern days we've actually managed to get all these herbal formulas and this all those good herbs and infused on to typical looking herbal patch or patches that you might find in the supermarket or the pharmacy but these patches not only have the menthol in them or the topical incense but they also have instead of those herbs very very good herbs for pain and inflammation very much, very similar to the frankincense and myrrh.