What Is Electro-Acupuncture?

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Electro-Acupuncture is acupuncture using electric stimulation. There are main companies that make these units, they're typically battery powered units. They are very very similar to the tense machines that the physical therapists could use to kind of put electrodes on the surface of the skin, to can stimulate the muscles and stimulate the blood flow, but with Elector-Acupuncture we're doing sort of trans cutaneous we're doing per cutaneous.

So we're actually sticking the needles deep inside the body into the skin layer, into the muscle layer and even in between joints, in order to stimulate a growth of tissues, in order to stimulate healing and increase blood flow and also increasing endorphin flow. So when you hook up the little electrodes onto the electric parts of the needles and you know the right intensity and the right amount of electricity to put on and the right about the time to use, you can actually make the treatment so much stronger.

Well, typically you'd come to an acupuncturist for back pain because it hurts. Now the only pain that you really should be feeling with acupuncture, even electro-acupuncture is possibly the initial stick of the little needle going inside the skin. Once it's inside the skin, you really shouldn't feel a whole lot of pain at all, and once the electro-acupuncture begins, the electricity starts to flow, you'll feel tingling, you'll feel a little heat, you'll feel a little of something you can explain but typically it's not pain.

And all those things traditionally they would be called qi but nowadays we know that qi is not for metabolic function. So it's your body reacting by trying to help to block the pain, to loosen the muscle, to increase blood flow and to help you heal in general.