What Does the Cost of Acupuncture Treatment Usually Cover?

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Generally you know we talked about the price of acupuncture. It really depends on what you get. When I treat somebody for example I'll do ear acupuncture, I'll do acupuncture on the body, I'll do electrical stimulation on points if needed, when I'm done I may do some acupressure on the person and we talk to them and give them lifestyle changes that they could make, do a whole kind of assessment when they leave I might unleave them with ear studs let's say, or I can also give them herbal medicine or in topical herbal patches for let's say pain in certain areas, so it's a complete treatment.

It's not just come on in, let's do weird stuff, have a nice day, go home, that's where the cost of it comes into play so it's not a one and done it's a real complete sort of treatment, and I want people to understand that it is not just a will be, oh here I'm giving my money and how it will be done.

So, that's very much of it.