What Are Corydalis Supplements?

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Corydalis is a chinese herb called Yen Hu Suo or it's basically the root of a plant and it's chopped up and it's prepared usually with vinegar, and what it does is, well scientists have lately not that long ago they've isolated a compound, in Corydalis, that they found it was fantastic, for treating chronic pain.

Now that compound may someday be used for in pills and prescription drugs but not at this moment. So, right now you can get it by, getting it from or buying it from a herbal pharmacy, or from acupuncture's online, and it can come to granules, and pills, and tinctures, and it's great for chronic pain.

It's great for pain in the back, menstrual cramps, for headaches, all kind's of pain. So, Corydalis is great because unlike prescription drug's out there, it's not addictive, and you can't build up a tolerance to it. And also, but you got to be careful, because not everyone can take it, pregnant women and people with irregular heartbeat, should be careful.