What Can I Do to Prevent Sun Damage?

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So I think, a girl's best friend or guy's best friend is a hat and sun glasses. If give me two 50 year olds, I can tell who wore sun glasses when she was young because of the wrinkles around the eyes. It is actually really important and so easy to do and I'm a big fan of wearing a hat and there're so many cute ones now.

You can of course wear SPS clothing, you can stay under the umbrella. Unfortunately the bottom line is reducing the amount of time you spend in the sun to get less sun damage, there's no real short cut. Even if you wear sunscreen and you're spending tonnes of time in the sun you're still going to have sun damage.

There is something else I really like. It's called Heliocare and it comes from a fern called Leucotomos Polypoldium. That's a handful to say, I know. And it's an herb that when you take it before you're gonna get sun exposure, it actually reduces the amount of sun burn you get. And so I actually take it before I know I'm gonna be in the sun on a family vacation or something like that and that's available in some health food stores as well as online.