What Are the Symptoms of Rosacea?

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So there's four basic types of rosacea. One has a very long name but I refer to it as flasher blushers, it's people who are just red basically and have no other symptoms. Then there's the kind you get pimples and pustules and those will usually be in the center of your face. And then there is eye rosacea which obviously I'm not going to talk about, since that's not my area of expertise.

And then there's a very small subtype that men get when they get those really big noses, but most people fall in the first two categories. And the other thing about rosacea that sets it apart from acne is people often find stinging of the face or itching, they've sensations that normally people with acne don't have.

So let's say your rosacea trigger is stress, which it is for a lot of people. So when you're feeling really stressed out, you might start to feel that your face gets really hot, it gets red, and you might get bumps, and a lot of patients will say to me, but doctor, they're not like pimples, they don't have puss coming and they're just like bumps under the skin, and rosacea can look like that.

The thing about rosacea is it can present a lot of different ways, but I tell people, if you're feeling any burning or stinging, with the addition of bumps, then it's a big chance it'a rosacea, and it's worth seeing a dermatologist.