Is It Safe to Use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) for Weight Loss?

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HCG as it's currently used comes in two forms. There is an injectible form and an oral form. First of all, we believe the oral to be nothing more than placebo. As we know about protein, as you take certain protein into your mouth, it gets digested by the stomach so even if your dose, or your bottle of HCG has actual HCG in it, we don't think that it's reaching your blood stream.

So the second question then comes into the injectible form and at times it can be dangerous for you. We believe HCG to increase both estrogen and testosterone, estrogen and testosterone are not not used in weight lose, unless someone is deficient in them because of a lot of reasons.

The number one reason is it increases the risk of blood clots both in the legs travelling to the lung which can cause death. And if you have estrogen receptive cancers, which unfortunately in women is breast cancer and uterine cancer for sure and there are a few others, and in man it's prostate cancer.

And if you have any of those cancers or history or risk of any of those cancers, HCG should be used very controlled if that's the most likely.