How Effective Is the HCG Diet for Weight Loss?

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HCG is more than just a shot, it's a diet and a shot of hormones. Way back in the 1950s when the style was first described, it was a very low calory diet, very low protein diet of 500 calories, and a shot for weight loss. As its been subsequently studied, even as early as ten years ago or so, we do not believe that the diet has anything more than just help you lose weight and the shot itself doesn't add anything to that.

When you use the shot itself or saline, which is a salty water and you inject it, and someone doesn't know whether they're getting it or not getting it. We don't see any benefit to the shot itself. They lose weight just the same, they're not hungry just the same and we believe all that comes from the diet itself.

Then you have to ask yourself, so is the diet good? Roughly two chicken breasts per day, about 46 grams of protein, and in that full day, we don't believe that it's enough protein for anyone to keep up the normal metabolic needs of their body.