What Are the Treatment Options for Hearing Damage?

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I think the best treatment is prevention, we need to all educate ourselves that we're all at risk and there is ways to prevent hearing loss whether it's using ear plugs or removing ourselves from a noisy environment, being careful to the types of medications that we might take, if we have chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension or high cholesterol, all of those things that are out of control can definitely affect our hearing structures and result in hearing loss.

But if we do notice that there's a hearing loss and through an audiological evaluation, the hearing loss is present, it's important for the person to understand that only 5% of hearing loss truly is medically treatable, the other 95% often times is permanent and the best solution is to make sure that we use sophisticated hearing instruments as soon as possible to start stimulating the brain.

It is the brain where we start hear sound, it's not ear itself, it's the brain and if we don't stimulate the brain, over time it will start to get lazy and then it'll be harder and harder for us to hear as we go forward.