What Are the Symptoms of Hearing Damage?

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Hearing damage is something that for most of us occurs very gradually over the course of time. It's like slowly turning the lights down where we start to acclimate and deal with less and less input over the course of our lifetime. So for most of us, we might not even realize that we're losing our hearing until it gets to a critical point where we might be having difficulty staying in a noisy restaurant understanding the person across from us.

We might have difficulty on the telephone, where we need to turn the television or the radio up. Some of us might also experience issues where we hear but we don't quite understand the clarity of speech is lost. And another symptom that's very common is Tinnitus, or ring in the ears.

That's just a symptom that their is some sort of underlying problem with our hearing structures and we might wish to go get it evaluated. There's other symptoms that might suggest that there's some sort of a medical cause to the hearing loss. For instance, if someone is experiencing dizziness, inner ear structure is comprised not only hearing portion but there's also a balance portion.

So often times when there's a problem with one there might be a problem with the other. So, it's important for us to understand, maybe if there's a dizziness problem as well and that might indicate that there's a hearing loss.