What Should I Do If I Think My Child Is Obese?

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If you think that your child is obese, the first thing you must do is own it. You've got to realize and come to the reality that it was part of your problem that made this child have a problem. First thing you've got to do is admit it, get out of the denial stage because that will never solve anything.

Second thing, go to your doctor because you've got to make sure that there is not some type of hormonal problem that's causing your child to be obese, such as thyroid condition. Once that has been cleared then you got to go through each thing that your child eats, like a food diary and go through it everyday and make ensure that you have met the recommended daily allowance of all the vegetables, all the vitamins, all those type of things but eliminate the sugar.

And number one take out the devil's earring, that is soda. Remember the devil's earring, bad for everybody.