What Is Skeeter Syndrome?

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Skeeter Syndrome is an allergic reaction to the protein that's in the mosquito's saliva. It's very important to realize that people may not even realize they have it. They've red angry looking bites, it looks like they have an infection, and if they're scratching enough, they're going to get an infection, and windup in the emergency room.

We have a skin test that sometimes can pick up whether you have a mosquito allergy. It's important to realize that people may have it, they may have large bite reactions, and not realize they're having a mosquito allergy, and we have a great treatment program for that. Four things. We want to use warm, soapy water to get rid of any bacteria that may cause an infection, we want to use ice to reduce the swelling, and oral antihistamine to reduce the itching, and finally, a topical steroid cream, which reduces the swelling and redness.

It really works, even on my patients who have normal bite reactions or Skeeter Syndrome patients who have these huge, big mosquito bite reactions.