What Is an Asthma Action Plan?

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The allergy action plan is a recipe for success if you or your child has asthma, and the key is it's in writing, it's written, it could be shared with your pediatrician, your doctor, school nurse, coach etc and it has down. Here are my asthma triggers, here is what to do in case of an emergency, here's who to call, here's where my rescue inhaler is.

Has an adult or child been educated on how to use a rescue inhaler? What is it the symptoms I normally get? What are my go to drugs? When do I call the doctor and finally if I have a peak flow meter, what are my peak flows normally? And if I have asthma what happens? Is green, yellow and red zones, go, warning and stop? And that will tell the patient and their practicing allergies and asthma specialists how to manage their asthma.

So the allergy action plan and sure is a recipe to success and empowering the patient and developing collaboration between the care taker and the patient and the family and providing excellent care for a condition that is eminently treatable.