What Facial Markers Can Indicate That I Have Allergies?

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Very important. The Allergy phase, allergic shiners, that's puffiness under your eye lids, purple blue lines streaks it looks like you've never slept. You feel tired, you look tired, you look awful, those are allergic shiners of puffiness, people who have them actually can feel better and look better by taking care of their allergies and their underlying sinus problems.

We also see Dennie's lines which are in the eyelid, the lower eyelid and extra crease and finally we have the allergic salute, rubbing your nose repeatedly and a little line of crease develops in the bridge of your nose, your nose is very smart and it has memory. It remembers all those times you're rubbing your nose because it's driving you crazy.

Feeling great and fighting allergy is all about being preventative, plan ahead, have an allergy action plan for a great outdoors this spring and summer.