What Are My Asthma Treatment Options?

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The two major treatment options once your asthma has been confirmed are relievers. If you are having acute symptoms or having exercise, 90% of individuals of asthma have exercise as a trigger use a bronco dilator or rescue inhaler to reduce asthma symptoms immediately. The second part is if you're having asthma symptoms, two or more days a week, you want to look for a long term medication called a controller that you take everyday like an insurance policy and that keeps you out of trouble.

Long term controllers can be an inhaler, it can also be combined with an inhaled corticosteroid known as a combination inhaler or it can be an oral medication such as Montelukast which is a long acting leukotriene modifier, so get long acting medication designed for people with persistent symptoms, two or more days a week according to guidelines and rescue inhalers should be had by all patients with asthma on their person for any potential emergencies.

Asthma is a chronic disease where you may start the morning with no symptoms, and by the afternoon with a cold or an asthma trigger, you may be in trouble. So it's important to understand asthma can change throughout the day, and you need to be aware of subtle clues and symptoms if your asthma is progressing.

It goes all back to common sense and having a dialogue with your asthma specialist, and having the action plan in place, and understand it, and asking questions, you really know how to take care of yourself properly.