How Do Allergy Drops Work?

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Allergy drops or oralimmuno therapy is very popular throughout the world particularly in Europe. They are not yet approved by the US FDA and so they are not mainstream yet. They are available in 5 or 10% of allergies offices so they are coming in the near future to an allergist near you.

But right now, unfortunately patients need to pay for 100% of the cost because they are not covered by insurance. They work similarly to allergy injections by creating a state of tolerance or desensitization. So over time your symptoms dissipate and hopefully go away. What's very attractive to people about sublingual or oralimmuno therapy is it can be done at home by taking a couple of drops under your tongue everyday at home without the effect of needles.

So that's very attractive to people that don't have the time to come the office or may look for an alternative.