How Can I Protect Myself From Mosquitoes?

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Or 40% of us don't even use insect repellent. It's a big mistake you wanna prevent these things. Again chemical repellents such as deed and other chemicals been around for decades they are very effective, read the label. The concentration will say how long we are going to work also natural components like oil [UNKNOWN], eucalyptus, geranium oil the study is looking at it 30% concentration higher it may be very effective in many cases you may need to reapply it.

Again if you are on a backyard it's one thing but if you are hiking you are in the woods and you are in tick infested or mosquito infested country you really want to use the the right repellent that does the job and protects you and your family. Here's my secret weapon, get a fan ceiling fan, or window fan guess what happens when the fan is on you and blowing on you at night.

The mosquitoes is going to have less likely time of biting you. So a fan can really reduce misery and reduce bites and believe me I've tried it, it works.