How Can I Improve My Environment to Prevent Asthma Symptoms?

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[MUSIC] I'm very natural type of practitioner. We love traditional care that works, that's been shown to help people, however, there're some new approaches. Indoors looking at Harpers/g air filtration in home. Where portable Harper/g air filters other things to reduce particle size.

Finally, plants, we know from NASA studies there are things called air-cleaning plants. The average home, 12-15 plants, fikkers, corn plants, gerbera daisy, snake plant and so forth and there's a list of these plants for actually scrub and clean indoor air, so if you work or live near a bus fleet and you have a lot of carbon monoxide in there, perhaps or air pollution in an urban area, think about safe air cleaning plants that will actually improve air quality.

Of course the practice its a great thing to do, and it's green. [MUSIC].