How Can Certain Foods Make My Pollen Allergies Worse?

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Up to 70% of people with spring and seasonal allergies will actually get worse and have Oral Allergy Syndrome. Itchiness in the mouth and throat worsening allergy symptoms as a result of a cross reaction between proteins that are in pollen with those proteins that are in food. There is a cross reaction, they're cousins and therefore they react.

Your body thinks you're actually eating pollen even though you're eating foods, typically fresh fruits. Avoid the fruit during the year, peeling the fruit or cooking the fruit, are other tips. Make sure you don't have a food allergy that can be quite serious, see an allergist and get the right evaluation.

Some of the foods if you have oral allergy syndrome that are most common are apple, pear, celery, carrots, stone fruits, kiwi, banana, just to mention a few.