Do Allergies and Asthma Always Go Hand in Hand?

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Frequently allergies and asthma co-exists. We do know conservatively at least 70-75% or more of those who have asthma have underlying allergies. Indoor and seasonal allergies and that's important to understand to the connection we refer to that as the United Airways. The nose and sinuses can affect the lungs, and if you inhale powder and inhale [xx] within seconds, cascative events occur, an allergic cascade that can affect the lungs in terms of lung capacity, floor rates and symptoms.

So there is adept correlation between the nose and the lungs and we call that the allergy asthma connection and it's important to treat underlying causes. So if you're having asthma symptoms and you're exposed to a pepper for example, or you're in a park in a high pollen day, pre treat yourself and have an allergy action planned in place to prevent asthma symptoms, and that's why there are less people having ER visits with asthma and there are less deaths per year because we are having a better handle in terms of how to control allergies and asthma as well not only in children but in adults.