Why Is Stretching Important?

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Look, stretching is important especially for old fogies like me, because I found that as I've gotten older, our muscles they end up getting really, really stiff and especially for those of you out there who spend most your sitting down. We have a tendency to get these tight hamstrings, tight lower back, the shoulders roll forward, and as these muscles tighten up, it's really important that we can start to lengthen them and open them up and so stretching is so darn important especially before beginning a more vigorous exercise routine because, we want to avoid pulling a muscle.

Heaven forbid tearing a muscle. At the same time stretching also warms up that joint capsule. So it's going to make the ligaments and the tendons a little more pliable and just get you ready for movement. There's a lot of controversy about stretching before or after exercising. Of course you're not necessary going to love my answer, but it really depends.

I mean, if you're already extremely limber and you're extremely flexible then you don't necessarily need to stretch a whole lot before exercise. If you do choose to stretch before exercise most of the professionals will tell you, you want to focus on dynamic or ballastic stretching, that's when your stretching contract a muscle rapidly before you begin the movement by doing that.

You actually does something called exciting the muscles spindles, and you and it should have been proven that you could get more performance and a faster contraction out of those muscles during the bout of exercise, post-stretching, post dynamic rebolistic stretching. If you're extremely tight though, a lot of professionals would recommend that you static stretch before exercise.

Now here's the catch, static stretching actually turns the muscle obsolete it relaxes and lengthens. So you're not going to have that greater performance during the actual bout of exercise, but it's important that you open it up just to avoid injury during the bout at exercise.

And of course stretching afterward? Stretching afterward is always extremely important and it's pretty darn effect too because the muscles are already warm, so the stretch usually happens a lot faster.