What’s the Secret to Keeping a New Year’s Resolution?

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So look, the secret to keeping a New Year's resolution is it goes back down to the old acronym keep it simple stupid KISS and the biggest mistake that we see everybody makes, across the board is that with our New Year's resolutions, they say I'm going to wake up 5 O'clock every and I'm going to do 45 minutes in the gym or I'm going to eat five formulas in a day.

I'm going to drink a gallon of  water I can do all these different things. I get it and I appreciate your excitement for this change that you are willing to make. But let's be real it's too much, it's what we call an overblown promise and this overblown, over inflated promises are extremely dangerous because what we don't realize is that it's There's so much more at stake than just weight lose, when you make a promise to yourself that is the most important thing in the world.

You know the journey of transformation it's not about diet and exercise. It's about honoring yourself, it's about learning how to love yourself and if you make a promise to yourself and you break that promise, then your dignity, that's your ability to love yourself, that's what takes a hit.

So, if you make these over inflated new years resolutions, you need to understand the most important thing in the world is at stake and if your resolutions are too big, it is not worth it because your ability to load yourself, you don't want to put it on the line like that. So the best thing you can do is to shrink down your resolution to something that's so simple.

I'm talking like when it comes to exercise, most people ask me, what should I do for a resolution? Try five minutes. try to just commit to five minutes a day, you know and I don`t care what that is it can be at an all out spring or it can be standing in a place in front of your TV just walking or marching in place where you are watching TV, Whatever it might be, it might be I'm just going to eat breakfast.

You know it is really important that any of these commitments that you make because your dignity is at stake, you make them small and then you grow them from there. You know the old Chinese proverb says every journey begins at a simple step and transformation is no different so when it comes to your new year resolutions, be smart about it.

Keep those promises small and I promise you, you will get there in the long run.