What Is Carb-Cycling?

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So Carb-Cycling is the method, I would say it's a nutrition method I've used for years in all of my transformations and it consists of what we call high-carb and low-carb days and it's this constant alternating between high and low carb days to keep the body's metabolism guessing, to always kind of throw it off kilt/g to manipulate the body because that's really what nutrition and weight lose is I would say that's what the weight lose journey to make it as fast and as easy and as effective as possible, it's really important to always keep the body guessing, because the body adapts to everything that we do, so I use a method called Carb-Cycling and it always keeps the metabolism of the body guessing as to what's going to happen next.

So I'll actually use a series of what we call high carb days, you simply eat a lot of carbohydrates your meals and then every once a while I'll throw in what we call low-carb day, where we pull those carbs out, we force the body to flip this what we call fat-burning switch, so we force the body to burn a lot of fat on those days and we flip it back over to these high carb days.

The beauty of Carb-Cycling is that by alternating between high and low carb days the high carb days, it's really cool because we actually re-boost metabolic rate, we can build and develop muscle, which actually assists with increase in your metabolism and then on the low carb days we switch over into this really strong fat burning mortar, the body is breaking down it's mobilizing and oxidizing fat as first as possible so it's a really effective nutrition protocol that we use it's incredibly powerful.