What Can I Do to Stop Mindless Eating?

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Finally Monica is joining us. Monica also believe she knows a lot about metabolism slow down. Yes, I work in an Italian restaurant, and I am sounded by pasta all the time, fresh bread, so I'm constantly glazing throughout the afternoon. So It's a mindless eating, I turn around and the bread basket is gone.

You use the word mindless with reason number three is that I eat mindlessly. Let's see. Guys, do you think that's a myth or truth? Truth. Yeah, this maybe different. Let's find out. Myth or truth, Tutu? It's fact absolutely and then I'm definitely going to chime in on this one. Of course mindless eating, we're human.

We call it hypno-binging or sometimes blind binging sometimes you'll be watching TV and before you know it you're standing at the cupboard and you're thinking, how did I get here? Have you guys experienced that? Yeah, You know what I'm talking about. And keep in mind it's natural for us to experience certain trigger and to react accordingly.

We're creatures of habit. So we need to understand those patterns but there's also some really cool tactics we can use to navigate around that. Now one really cool thing that I like to do because, I will mindlessly eat at home, hey, I'm a human, I go through this too. And because I know I do, what I've done is, I have re-arranged the food in my cupboard, so when I open up the cupboard, I know that I might be reaching for some chips, and sure enough there is a bottle of mayonnaise.

Then immediately it snaps ask me out of it so you can navigate around it it's going to put you in control. Do you have a secret weapon that you use for cravings? Oh yeah, You do? I do and check this out it's really cool trick of the trade grab a tablespoon of your favorite fat like peanut butter like a handful of that take a tablespoon peanut butter like a string cheese.

The fats in it, is your book by the way, the fat in it take about 15 to 20 minutes but if you get about 7 to 9 grams of fat, it triggers a really cool hormonal mechanism in your stomach that sends a false signal to the brain tells the brain that you're full. So you have that tablespoon of fat or that stick of string cheese set the clock in 15 to 20 minutes, no more cravings guaranteed.

I love the idea. It works out.