How Should I Choose Healthy Carbohydrates for My Diet?

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You want to choose carbohydrates that are whole food versions of them, any time they become refined that's when you get into trouble, and that why Carbs have gotten a bad wrap and people are so afraid of them. The truth is that, the plant kingdom is rich, beautiful sources of complex and simple Carbs.

I didn't get any color of the rainbow that's going to represent all these different vital nutrients Anti- oxitantsfighting these minerals fibers and water as well as the carbohydrates that we require for energy your brain can only function off of Glucose from carbohydrates, and your muscles and everything the energy fastest some carbohydrates so don't be afraid of curbs, eat a lot of them eat your fruits, your veggies, your whole grains, and you'll be happy and healthy and you'll have tonnes of energy.