How Does Thyroid Hormone Affect Metabolism?

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Thyroid hormone it affects metabolism. Well basically thyroid hormone is kind of like the thermostat on our metabolism. It tells our body how high or how low its body temperature should be and also it regulates the rate at which our body burns calories, so it's really really important stuff.

Now keep in mind your thyroid and your liver, the thyroid is of course like a bow tie organ up in your throat in your liver which actually sits right above your stomach they work in conjunction. So your thyroid actually releases what is called T4 and then your body needs to convert that T4 to something called T3.

T3 is active thyroid hormone it patches through the cells of your body and revs them up. Now that thyroid convertion occurs both in the thyroid and in the liver so that's why they need to work together. Now keep in mind we just covered this on the show, Dr. Oz even mentioned that when people pull carbohydrates from their diet it can blunt thyroid conversion by up to 50%, so that's why carbohydrates are so necessary in the diet.