How Can I Speed Up My Metabolism?

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Hey, here's a few really quick and easy tips for speeding up your metabolism. Number one eat breakfast, it really is the most important meal of the day plus it puts your body into what's called a fed state, so it actually helps boost metabolic rate, so once you eat your breakfast now eat every three hours afterwards it keeps stocking that metabox furnace if you will, it's like putting throwing little wood kindling on that fire and we want that furnace burning as hot as it possibly can because remember if that furnace goes out and you throw a big meal like a big log on that furnace and it's not burning hot, it's just going to sit there and turn to fat.

So we want to keep eating throughout the day. On top of that, we want to eat carbohydrates. Remember carbohydrates they actually help increase thyroid conversion in the liver to active thyroid hormone. So they really help boost that metabolic thermostat in the body. and then on top of that we want be able to build or at least maintain the muscle we have and move that muscle so resistance training, training with weights or [xx] body weight training like push ups, sit ups, and squats, those are fantastic for actually stimulating your body to develop that muscle.

Muscle is the most active metabolic tissue on our body so it burns more calories than any other tissue which is fantastic so the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. Then on top of that let's put that muscle in motion so that's why cardio is so fantastic because we're moving all that metabolic machinery and the more you move it the more the calories you burn.