How Can I Exercise Without Going to the Gym?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] And millions of people out there want to know, how they can exercise without going to the gym? Now here's the deal, gyms only came about in the last, within the last 100 years. So what do we have before that? Especially because if you look at our answers, most of them are pretty down fade we've got a built in gym right here, it's called the human body.

And with just simple body with exercises, you could do anything everything you want to accomplish, we're talking push ups, sit ups, running, jumping climbing, you can do anything and everything with your body. And I can take a real like the one I'm sitting in right now, I can turn in into my own little gym.

And within minutes I can have a complete sweat going on, I can feel great in about myself so, especially when I'm walking around with my own little built-in home gym you can't go wrong. So there are absolutely no excuses out there, get up off the couch and start moving. Now, with what I do obviously I help people take those very first steps when it comes to moving, when it comes to getting out couch exploring their bodies, until one of the first things I love to do with my folks, especially in Extreme Weight Loss that, I'd have them simply matching place where they're watching TV just to get them moving.

And matching in a place can turn into jogging in place. Eventual you can even turn into jumping jax. But from there then we can explore other movements like push jumps and buppies and sit ups and squats. So I mean really, when it comes down to beginning your exercise life is more. Start up with moving, just marching in place while you're watching TV.

But if you actually want to focus on development of the muscle and stimulating that muscle for growth, you're in a perfect position. As soon as I'm seated right here, I'm in at the perfect position to begin squatting, I simple stand up and I sit down and I stand up and I sit down and by doing that I'm stimulating the largest muscle group in my body my glutton and my quads and my ham strings and that's a fantastic thing because everybody wants a good butt and thighs right? So you cant go wrong, so anything you're doing if you're sitting, you're standing you can always move some how.