How Can Exercise Help Me Avoid Hitting a Weight-Loss Plateau?

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When it comes to weight-loss, the foundation of weight-loss really is nutrition. That's where we can create the solid calorie deficit and force the body into a cannibal state to burn fat. But we use exercise to accelerate those results that much more. So, actually believe it or not, one of the most effective ways to lose weight and to lose body fat, is to introduce nutrition first, to lose as much as you possibly can, and as your body begins to adapt to that nutrition program then we play our next card in this little poker game that we call weight loss, and that next card is exercise.

So, once we can begin exercise. Now, if these moving muscles and moving muscles all they're going to do is burn a lot more calories. I talk about this on the show all the time. Muscle is the most active living tissue in the body, and so the more we have of it, it's just going to burn that many more calories.

And the gut at rest, t now imagine if you put a muscle in motion then it just turns into this calorie burning machine. It's the furnace. So, the two things that we're always looking to do when it comes to our muscles is build muscle. So, we've got a big engine, and then we move that muscle and we rev up that engine.

And those two things together is just going to get you that much faster, it's going to get you to your goal that much faster. So, if you ever experience any kind of plateau, there's a few different things that we can do as far as moving your muscles. We employ what we call the FITT Principle, frequency, it's an acronym, FITT.

Frequency, so instead of training say three days a week you're going to move your muscles for four days. Intensity, instead of walking on a treadmill at a 3, bump it up to 3.5, time so instead of walking or jogging or whatever for 20 minutes bump it up just 5 more minutes take it to 25 minutes, or tide[sp?] so instead of walking try cycling, and so a cycling try run.

So a car try switching those few things up and that why we can breath through any plateau.