Does It Matter When I Eat Fiber?

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When it comes to timing your fiber and the best times to actually eat fiber in your daily diet, there really is no right or wrong time to eat your fiber because no matter when you eat it, it's going to be really good for you, but I prefer it to definitely eat your fiber in the morning, reason being that research has proven that if you eat your fiber in the morning, then it's going to curb your cravings later on to the day, and reason being is because fiber actually slows digestion and it will do so over many hours and so what will happen is that when you eat fiber in the morning, it's going to down into the esophagus, push through the stomach into the small intestine and from their it slows everything down, it's like it breaks on your food and so come lunch time, come evening time, sure enough you're going to slow the digestion, so each subsequent meal that you eat afterward, it's going to keep slowing that food down even more, so you are going to be fuller longer, that's why fiber is so fantastic.