Can a Poor Diet Slow Down My Metabolism?

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Annie is up next. Annie also believes, she knows what's going on with her metabolism and why it has slowed. I do, for me I travel a lot, time for work. I'm always in a hotel, and eating room service. I'm breaking my diet left and right. I think my metabolism is slow because I cant keep a standard steady diet.

That's right, number two Chris. It is that I break my diet. Let's find out if you are right, you are ready Truth Tube. Let's hear it, myth or fact? Myth. Chris why? Well, I hear this all the time. Now chances are if you are eating a lot, and especially carbohydrates a lot, your metabolism is sky high.

Chances are you are probably just eating too much and so you're in calories excess, you're taking in more calories than your body is burning. So, I get this all the time. However, it's just really important for you to just take a look at the calories you're eating, when you're eating them.

Keep in mind. It is important to [xx] go after a diet and to indulge every now and then. But we have to do it under a specific structure. Like maybe once or sometimes even twice a week. It's okay to do that but when we're actually actively trying to lose weight well it is important that we have a nice clean structure around that.

Makes sense?.