Are Genes to Blame for My Low Metabolism?

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Welcome Zina. Thank you. So what's you story Zina what's going on Zina, what's the conspiracy around your weight issues? I think the conspiracy is genetic I guess that's what I believe, I think it's genetic. My mum was thin when she was younger, she gained weight when she got older.

Same thing happened with me, I was real thin when I was younger and I've just gained weight and my metabolism seems to have slowed down, I think it's in my blood. I've heard this before reason number one that I keep hearing is that my metabolism is genetic. Let's find out if this is a myth or fact, let's say.

Chris says people say this to him all the time too why is that. I'm going try it in here. Now keep in mind there's a genetic component involved, there's also a great thing that says genetics loads the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger. So one thing I'd like to talk to you about is, bring a picture of your great grand parents and sure enough chances are most of the great grand parents, the ancestors that are slender, but what's happen is our foods changed so much in the last fifty years, I mean [xx] five thousand more than we have been bombarding with all of this processed foods and of course your lifestyle has what's taken us where we're at today.

So yes there is genetic component, however our lifestyle pulls the the trigger. .