What Natural Methods Can I Use to Reduce Pain?

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One of the most common things that people suffer in terms of health disorders is pain and pain and inflammation go hand in hand. When I want pain relief I'll tell you what I reach for, I reach for curcumen, curcumen is the stuff that makes turmeric root yellow. There are about 1500 studies on curcumen showing that it is profoundly anti-inflammatory, in fact it's anti-inflammatory on a par with the drugs used to treat inflammation without the negative effects.

You'll find curcumen supplements on the market you want to look not just for turmeric root, but specifically for curcumen supplements. Additionally cat's claw the Amazonian plant is very, very good for pain. It also is profoundly anti-inflammatory helping to reduce inflammation, helping to bring pain down, and I'm talking within a half hour.

So not something you need to take for a week or two weeks. Also, some of the purple berries like acai and elderberry have profound anti-inflammatory activity due to the purple pigments themselves, which are anti-inflammatory. So drinking purple berry juices, blackcurrant juice, acai juice, blueberry juice, elderberry juice can also help to bring down inflammation and relieve pain.

Nature does have a lot of anti-inflammatory compounds. Hops the same plant that's used to make beer also contains very, very powerful anti-inflammatory compounds and you can get hops extracts supplements that will relieve pain quickly. So you do have in nature things that will help you to get rid of that discomfort and give you back the life