What Natural Methods Can I Use to Reduce Pain?

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Well I love using natural medicine for pain. Pain is the number one reason people go to the doctor. And often time they're thinking conventional medicine the answer is to suppress the nervous system, to suppress the immune system so that inflammation calms. And there's a lot of natural ways to work with pain.

One of the first way that I love is acupuncture because no matter what the type of pain is, I find acupuncture is wonderful to help calm it down. If the pain is due to inflammatory issues, meaning the immune system is kind of upset, then I like using certain herbal remedies to go with the acupuncture, boswellia, bromelain is wonderful, cat's claw, devil's claw, just to name a few.

There are many of them, and you use them specifically for different circumstances. And then beyond that, I like to figure out what the underlying issue of the pain is. Is it back pain, is it because somebody twisted a disc and may be chiropractic and massage would be very good as well? If they are overweight and that's what's causing their back to pull out they may be working on weight loss, if muscles have to be strengthened sometimes that's the answer.

So working with natural remedies in different ways at the same time can usually bring about healing and fix their underlying issue.