What Is Holy Basil?

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Holy Basil is one of the most important plants in the 5000 year old Indian system of medicine called ioveda. Holy Basil is also called tulsi, and it's also known as the incomparable one. Holy Basil has very powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. Now inflammation is part of every chronic disease you can name whether you're talking diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders, so if you can use something that isn't natural safe anti-inflammatory, that will reduce the risk of many of the common disorders that plague humanity and result in a shorter life span. So Holy Basil is not only anti-inflammatory, it's also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti- viral, its something that you can grow in your own garden, and you can pick the leaves of holy basil, holy basil is sometimes called hot basil, its got a little different aroma and flavor from regular basil, but it can be used in salads, you could even make a holy basil pasta if you wanted to or you can get tulsi, that's holy basil, tulsi teas of different kinds and natural food stores, so you have choices to take away as holy basil the incomparable one very very good for your health.