What Essential Oils Can I Use to Help Improve My Health?

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Do you know that some scents have the power to heal? That's right. The oils we wear to smell good, they also help you to feel good. So, today I'm revealing three essential oils for your health, and here to help me is my good friend, Chris Kilham. Chris Kilham welcome to the show, it's good to be back.

Chris of course is medicine hunter travelled all over the world in search of plant based remedies, where I think a lot of the future of all the remedies lies. So, before Chris and I get started talking about these three essential oils, I need an assistant to the alright, who is seating in the seat 29? That is you? Oh no, you don't know, I love you, you don't know I'm so excited.

You have no idea, you seem excited, oh my god. I'm developing an idea what's your name? Miriam, I'm seeing we might have some excitement here, this is very good, this is Chris Kilham. Hey, Miriam. Do use any essential oils? Yes. What do you use? Lavender. You use lavender, and what else [xx] that hasn't worked yet? Has it worked? The first essential oil is for cuts and sraps a great first aid, and it is used in some parts of the world pretty far from here.

I want you take a sniff of this, and tell me if you recognize it. Yes it's just what I expected, not really this is called Manuka oil, and this really could be in every first aid kit in every house. It's good for cuts, burns, scraps it's powerfully anti bacteria, powerfully ant fungi too.

So, if you got an infected you can put it right on it, and just like with a triple antibiotic ointment, it will get rid of the infection. Any cuts on you? Yes. You do? I do, where? Oh my God, look at all these scones Dr. Oz, come over here. This could teach you here, alrightanything for real fruits babe here.

So, Chris, I'll be the assistant you're the doctor, how do we do this? So, the thing to do is just to put it right neat on the skin, now the thing about Manuka, is it really does help to heal skin quickly. You know this is used by the Maori, the original people of Newzealand, Captain Cook took some back with him.

Good working, alright. Stop talking to me. Scuffle nothing Cook uses?. Captain Cook actually brought some Manuka back to Europe after his 1770 trip to New Zealand. So, I love that stuff. This is also related to [xx]. Are you taking new oil home or me home?? Can I take both? No. You're taking the new oil home.

Okay, come over hereNo disrespect to the Mrs.Okay, now this is our second secret, this one by the way, inexpensive It's like 10 dollars, 13 dollars in that rate of price range, its not alot of money, it is accessible though. Manuka great stuff number two. This is an essential oil to reduce stress.

Smells like lavender she says. Smells like lavender, looks like lavender. It could be, lavender! Lavender! Oh, yes! Okay. I know my lavender. You know your lavender, alright. So, here's Chris I'm doing this correctly, you put a couple of drops on the pillow, right? You know the ingredients in lavender are known when you just smell the fragrance, they actually reduce the stress hormones in your blood.

So, if you have trouble getting to sleep and that's often due to excess stress hormones, you put lavender on your pillow, you relax you get that aroma, and by the way it also get some people in the moods so there is that added benefit. Okay, the last one this credential oil is very helpful with indigestion.

Mariam[sp?] take a smell, okay. Pepper mint. Pepper mint you are good. You are very good, you are very good. Excellent. Excellent. Now, how do that peper mint work? Peppermint is one of the few essential oils that you can ingest making you [xx] with eucalyptus like by the cough draft something.

But, peppermint well can put in water, and you can take, and it helps to re leave indigestion, and for person has able to put bio syndrome it can help to clear the symptoms for that. So, I mix a couple of glass syrup. Thank you. So, that's how you do it for a few drops of water? That was meant to you're going to love them there Doctor.

That's right. While we sip on this I'm going to thank Chris Combs for joining us today, all your wonderful insights, I appreciate. Thank you Sir. Yes, it's been a real fun time. You have no idea, I wish everything. Thank you very much. We will be right back.