What Are the Health Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms?

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Reishi mushrooms are also known as the mushrooms of immortality, in fact in the Chinese medicinal drawings of the old sages who supposedly carried the wisdom of traditional medicine. They all would have a staff, a walking stick and on the top of it would be a Reishi mushroom, the mushroom of immotality.

The benefits of Reishi, first and foremost for immune enhancement. If our immune system is weak, we can be susceptible to illnesses of all different kinds, colds, flu allergies any number of things can harm us, when the immune system is strong we resist those kinds of illnesses. First and foremost Reishi is an immune enhancer.

It also helps to inhibit the growth of certain tumors, it is an anti-cancer agent and after chemotherapy, people use Reishi usually in the form of a tea to build their immune system back up to normal so they can stay healthy and strong. Anytime you have Reishi Mushroom and you can get them dry in China Town or order them online, you want to boil them.

You don't just eat them because that won't really do any good. You can boil them, make a tea or a broth and drink that and you'll get the immune benefits. You can also get extract supplements of Reishi in capsules, tablets and fluids. So you've got a choice for your immortality and for immune function and to help to reduce the risk of cancer, Reishi Mushroom is the thing.