What Are Some Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies?

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A lot of people get seasonal allergies and when they do they need something that can help them to just kind of snap back because allergies make us feel so bad. Probably the number one natural remedy for seasonal allergies is the plant nettle. Nettle can be drunk as a tea, you can also get nettle supplements, but I actually think that nettle tea is the best way to go. It does help to relieve allergies sometimes very, very quickly. Echinacea, the plant that most people know for use with colds also helps to boost the immune system, and in doing so can help to reduce the severity of seasonal allergies. Additionally there's an Amazonian herb called cat's claw. Cat's claw is probably the single most beneficial immune enhancer that we know of in any category, in any class. Sometimes taking cat's claw alone is sufficient enough to avoid any allergies during allergy season.

You have in nature things that will protect you when pollen, and other allergens are in the air and you might as well get through the season safely and with great comfort.