What Are Natural Treatments for Prostate Conditions?

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Virtually, every man over 50 starts to experience a somewhat or very enlarged prostate gland. This appears to be largely diet related and there's no question that eating a diet that is heavier in animal products will result in a more enlarged prostate gland, this we know. There are some things that can help to control the size of the prostate. Tomatoes, because they're rich in the antioxidants lycopene, and lycopene a pin helps to maintain a healthy size to prostate gland, so for sure lycopene from tomatoes is a very good way to go. You can get lycopene pin supplements, it turns out ironically that the greatest concentration of lycopene in any tomato product is found in pizza sauce.

I'm not talking about a pizza prostate diet here, but it is the case of pizza sauce is very very rich in lycopene. The herb saw palmetto which actually is an herb that comes from Florida, it is the berry of a small palm, saw palmetto is widely used to help to control the size of the prostate gland, saw palmetto contains essential fatty acids that help to maintain a good healthy sized prostate instead of letting it get too large. Also, the herb nettle which you can get in supplement form or you can drink as tea is very valuable in controlling the size and the health of the prostate gland. So yes gentlemen, nature does provide some help for your prostate.