What Are Natural Treatments for Migraines?

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Many people suffer from migraine headaches, and a migraine is like having a spear through your eye. Some people wind up lying in the dark for days at a time, unable to move. Migraines can cripple people and really harm their lives. There are two botanicals or herbs, that we know are highly beneficial for treating migraines.

One is called butterbur, it's a strange name for a highly beneficial plant. Butterbur enjoys a few good human clinical studies showing that it can reduce both the severity of migraines, and also the number of times that a person gets migraines in the course of the year. So butterbur is an incredibly effective thing to use if you are a migraine sufferer.

Another herb also with a strange name is feverfew. Feverfew enjoys human clinical studies also showing that it reduces the number of times that people get migraines, and reduces the severity. Migraines are no joke, people who get migraines really suffer terribly, anything that can reduce this, even 25% is a great benefit.

Both butterbur and feverfew can help to do that.