What Are Natural Treatments for Insomnia?

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A lot of people have trouble sleeping, either they have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep. We know that several things can help people to sleep, one is the herb Valerian. In fact, you might not know this but up until the 1950s most of the pharmaceutical companies sold Valerian in different forms of a sleep aid. Another herb that is very good for sleep is passion flower, and well I will suggest that if you're taking Valerian probably do it in the capsule or tablet form because it has a sort of a funky aroma, passion flower can be consumed either as a supplement or as an herbal tea, there are number of studies that showing that passion flower helps people to go to the sleep. A third herb that's very beneficial is Holy basil, not to be confused with the basil that you make pesto with, holy basil is a different variety entirely.

It also enjoys good science for helping people to relax, calm down and drift off into sleep. And lastly, I'd suggest L-Theanine. L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. It enjoys good human studies for enhancing sleep. It puts you into a pleasant, tranquil relaxed state and helps you to slide gently into sleep.

So at least four remedies I can think of that can help to turn an insomniac into somebody who is sleeping through the night.