What Are Natural Treatments for Heart Disease?

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Heart disease is one of the biggest killers of adults. About 850, 000 Americans die every year from heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke. Anything that can help to reduce heart disease is greatly wanted. One of the most beneficial things ironically is cocoa. I'm talking about the stuff used to make chocolate.

We know from human clinical studies conducted by a Harvard researchers that cocoa contains powerful antioxidants that lower LDL cholesterol, boost HDL cholesterol which you actually want and reduce the risk of heart attacks, stroke and high blood pressure. Many of the high antioxidants foods and fruits also reduce the oxidation of cholesterol in the blood stream.

It's the oxidation of cholesterol in the blood that is such a cardiovascular risk factor. So by taking in good fresh fruits and vegetables, and again especially the super fruits, the purple berries in particular you can greatly reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Some spices notably turmeric root especially it's derivative curcumen can also help to lower LDL cholesterol, reduce triglycerides and help to reduce the risk of heart attacks, stroke and high blood pressure.

You want curcumen supplements not just turmeric root ground up, but curcumen specifically and these they're non toxic and they can be very helpful. Diet is unquestionably the most important factor for reducing cardiovascular risk and we see this through the work done by Dean Ornish, the medical doctor who specializes in this, but some of the supplements like the ones I've recommended can also be of tremendous benefit.