What Are Natural Treatments for Cold and Flu?

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There are a few good natural treatments for colds and flus. One of the most popular certainly is echinacea. Echinacea is an American herb that now is cultivated all over the world, and we know from human clinical studies that if you've got a cold, and you take echinacea, you can reduce the duration and the severity of the cold.

Another thing that helps is the mineral zinc, and while zinc is often associated with sexual health, it's also very good for reducing the severity of a cold. A third herb and this is my favorite for colds, for sure, is fresh ginger root tea. You take a piece of ginger root, the kind you get in the supermarket, you mash it up or grate it, make a cup of tea, sip it with a little bit of honey, that helps to kill the Rhinovirus which causes colds. For flu all of these things will be helpful, but the thing that's most helpful is elderberry. The good human clinical studies on flu relief and control have been done with elderberry you can drink elderberry juice, you can get concentrates of elderberry, and you can get elderberry concentrates supplement.

This will help to reduce the severity of the flu and the duration of it. So you do have in nature some things that can help you get through cold and flu season comfortably and reduce symptoms and severity when you get these things.