What Are Maca Supplements?

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About 15 years ago, I first went high, high up into the Peruvian andies, about 15,000 feet where I was introduced to Maca, a root in the mustard's family. The people in the highlands of Peru use Maca, they dry it until it's hard as a stone and they make flour out of it, they make breads, and cookies, and baked goods of different kinds and drinks and all kinds of things out of Maca.

Maca has unusual energy enhancing, stamina promoting endurance promoting properties and something else. Maca enhances enhances libido, that's short for sex drive. It boosts libido among people who have low sex drive. Many people who take anti depressant drugs experience low sex drive. Maca brings it back.

It contains no caffeine but it still boosts energy but not in that kind of jagged way that's some times can happen with caffeine. Maca is available as a powder in natural food stores and you can toss in to a blender drink if you're athletic, if you're active, it will help you to go all day and feel great.

If you have low sex drive, Maca for sure will bring it back up to a nice healthy level. The only complaint I've ever heard about Maca is that for some people the sexual boost is just a little bit too much. This is a great good feel herb, it's good mentally, you get your physical energy, you get your stamina, your endurance and your mojo.